Cliff Asness: Shorting The Bad Guys

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In his latest article titled – Shorting Counts, Cliff Asness responds to the recent Man Group article titled – “Short-selling does not count as a carbon offset. Here’s an excerpt from his response: What does that mean? It’s instructive to back up and examine how the more traditional non-shorting ESG … Read More

Cliff Asness: Run Your Process Like A Vulcan

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In a recent interview with Front Row, Cliff Asness discussed the difficulty of sticking with your process, keeping staff and clients, and controlling your emotions, when your strategy is underperforming. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Asness: I am very proud of the fact that as much as I can … Read More

Cliff Asness: The Replication Crisis That Wasn’t

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In his latest piece titled – The Replication Crisis That Wasn’t, Cliff Asness recommends reading Larry Swedroe and Alpha Architect’s summary of his colleague’s new paper titled – Is There A Replication Crisis In Finance. The summary states: “For investors, the important takeaway is that despite the proliferation in the … Read More

Cliff Asness: The Odds Are Getting Better For Value

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Here’s a great interview with Cliff Asness on Bloomberg’s Front Row with Erik Schatzker. Asness discusses his faith in factors after 2 1/2 years of poor returns. He remains as confident as ever in the quantitative strategies that powered the firm’s growth for two decades. He also discusses the emotional … Read More

AQR: Ways To Improve Your Active Risk

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In their latest paper titled – Was That Intentional? Ways to Improve Your Active Risk, the team at AQR discuss a number of intentional and unintentional active risks, and how investors can improve their active risk saying: Investors try to outperform their strategic asset allocation benchmarks by taking active risks. … Read More

(Ep.74) The Acquirers Podast: Cliff Asness – Cliff’s Perspective, Systematic Value. Do Fundamentals Matter?

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In this episode of The Acquirer’s Podcast Tobias chats with Cliff Asness, Co-Founder of AQR. During the interview Cliff provided some great insights into: Systematic Value Investing Do Fundamentals Still Matter? Does Price-To-Book Still Work? Is There A Correlation Between Value Investing And Interest Rates The Reason That Value Hasn’t … Read More