Howard Marks: The Pendulum of Investor Psychology

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We’ve just been reading Howard Marks’ new book – Mastering The Market Cycle. In it there’s a great chapter titled – The Pendulum of Investor Psychology which discusses the impact of investor psychology on markets. Marks writes: One of the most time-honored market adages says that “markets fluctuate between greed and fear.” There’s a fundamental reason for this: it’s because … Read More

Daniel Kahneman: Investors Should Consider A “Regret Proof” Policy To Overcome Loss-Aversion

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Here’s a great article from Morningstar in which Daniel Kahneman provides financial advisors with advice on how to better steer clients towards their investment goals using a “regret proof” policy. The policy could also be adapted by individual investors in managing their own portfolios. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Finding out how people tick is a vital part of the … Read More