Charley Ellis: My 300x Bet In Berkshire Hathaway

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In his recent article titled – Five Times Lucky, Charley Ellis discusses his 300x bet in Berkshire Hathaway. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Meal ticket. My third winning experience was the best. I was pleased to be invited to lunch by Sandy Gottesman, the much-admired senior partner of First Manhattan … Read More

Charles Ellis: Chasing Icarus-Like Returns

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In his book – Wining The Loser’s Game, Charles Ellis discusses the problem with chasing Icarus-Like returns. Here’s an excerpt from the book: Once an efficient portfolio has been constructed at the level of risk that is appropriate for a particular investor, it would not make sense to incur more … Read More

Charles Ellis: Timeless Investing Advice

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In his recent interview with WealthTrack, Charles Ellis, author of the investment classic Winning The Losers Game discussed his timeless investing advice, including his thoughts on the active management business. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Ellis: The talent pool of people who are involved in investment management keeps going … Read More