John Rogers: ‘Cheap Orphan’ Stocks Appear During High Volatility Markets

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Here’s a great interview with John Rogers of Ariel Investments speaking with Business Insider. During the interview Rogers shares some great insights into how ‘Cheap Orphan’ stocks appear in high volatility environments, saying: We try to make volatility our friend. And when we see stocks that are gapping down on maybe where there’s no fundamental change in the long-term economic … Read More

John Rogers: How To Beat The Index By 100 Basis Points Every Year

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Here’s a great interview with John Rogers and Charlie Bobrinskoy from Ariel Investments. The Ariel portfolio is currently valued at $8.91 Billion, and has been regularly beating the index by 100 basis points per year. So how do they do it? Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Don’t you hear all the time that “you’re wasting your time researching individual stocks. … Read More

John Rogers Says Contrarian Investing Gives You The Confidence To Buy When Others Are Selling

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Here’s a great interview with contrarian value manager John Rogers on WealthTrack who says if you don’t follow the crowd you’ll be a better investor. “Value investing is a contrarian approach. You’re going to be buying when others are selling. When there’s a lot of fear out there you’re going to be the one feeling confident going in buying those … Read More

John Rogers: In Investing, Brains Are More Reliable Than Machines. Here’s Why

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Just read a great article by John Rogers from Ariel Appreciation, who illustrates why brains are more reliable that machines in the world of investing. It reminded me of an article by Scientific American which says, “Computers are good at storage and speed, but brains maintain the efficiency lead”. The article went on to say: For decades computer scientists have strived to … Read More

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Contrarian Value Investor – John Rogers

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(Image Credit, John Rogers is a true contrarian value investor. In 1983, Rogers founded Ariel Investments headquartered in Chicago. Since its inception, Ariel Investments has grown from 2 to 88 employees with $10.7 billion in Assets Under Management (2015). In 2008, he was awarded Princeton University’s highest honor, the Woodrow Wilson Award, presented each year to the alumnus whose career … Read More