Dan Loeb: Growth Stocks Are Now Value Stocks

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One of the investors we follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Dan Loeb, CEO at Third Point Management. In his latest Q2 2018 shareholder letter Loeb makes the point that he’s now including ‘growth’ stocks into his portfolio in addition to ‘traditional’ value based stocks saying: “The value-based argument for owning “growth” stocks (or those with high EPS … Read More

Dan Loeb – Activism Done Properly Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

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Here’s a great interview with Third Point’s Dan Loeb on activism. Loeb says that activism done right should impact companies in a positive way. He adds, the benefits that activists provide include: Accountability Taking Companies On A More Positive Trajectory Checks and Balances But most of all it’s the ideas that activists bring that can help companies maximize performance. New … Read More

Third Point LLC – This Environment Is Undoubtedly Better For Active Investing. Here’s Why

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One of our favorite investors here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Dan Loeb at Third Point LLC.  Loeb founded Third Point, the asset management firm headquartered in New York, in 1995. Third Point employs an event-driven, value-oriented investment style. One of the best resources for investors are the Third Point Quarterly Letters which contain a number of investing nuggets. The … Read More