Meb Faber – Here’s Why Investors Are Missing Out By Ignoring Total Shareholder Yield

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One of the blogs that we follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Meb provides a lot of great investing insights in his articles. Earlier this year he wrote a great piece on the importance of looking at total shareholder yield instead of simply looking at dividend yield when considering stocks to purchase. The article is titled Cash Cows of the … Read More

Institutional Investors Are Delusional – Meb Faber (Hilarious)

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(Image Credit: One of my favorite bloggers is Meb Faber @ Meb recently wrote an article called Institutional Investors Are Delusional, where he commented on a recent survey of 400+ real money institutional respondents asked to estimate the net returns they will receive from their hedge funds. The results astounded Meb and they will astound you.