Li Lu: China Is One Of The Best Markets For Value Investors

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In an interview earlier this year with Bruce Greenwald, Li Lu discussed why China is one of the best markets for value investors. The interview was transcribed on Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Bruce: Where do you see the unique challenges and opportunities of value investing in China? Li … Read More

Li Lu: The Right Temperament

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In his latest fireside chat with Bruce Greenwald, Li Lu discusses the temperament required to be a successful investor. Here’s an excerpt from the chat: It is a hallmark of a good investor that you can sit through watching your portfolio down by 50 and not being affected at all. … Read More

Li Lu: “The Market Is A Mechanism That Discovers Your Weaknesses. Any Fault/Defect You Have Will Be Magnified Infinitely, To The Point Of Complete Destruction.”

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One of our favorite investors to follow here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Li Lu, Founder and Chairman of Himalaya Capital.  In 2015 Li Lu did a value investing lecture at Peking University titled – The Prospect of Value Investing in China, in which he provided a number of fantastic value … Read More