Introducing Acquirers Funds®

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We’ve launched a new investment firm called Acquirers Funds® to help you put the acquirer’s multiple into action. Acquirers Funds® Our investment process begins with The Acquirer’s Multiple®, the measure used by activists and buyout firms to identify potential targets. We believe deeply undervalued, and out-of-favor stocks offer asymmetric returns, with … Read More

Terry Smith: How to Consistently Beat the Index

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In his latest interview with The Market, Terry Smith explains why Investing in high-quality companies is more important than focusing on undervalued ones. Historical data shows that even high P/E ratios, such as 281 for L’Oréal, can lead to market outperformance over time. Warren Buffett advises that owning a great … Read More

Warren Buffett: The Key Metrics for Business Evaluation

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In his 1979 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter, Warren Buffett discussed Berkshire Hathaway’s 1979 operating performance, which was strong but slightly less impressive than in 1978, with operating earnings at 18.6% of beginning net worth. Despite a 20% increase in earnings per share, Warren Buffett cautions against focusing on this metric. … Read More

VALUE: After Hours (S06 E20): Tom Morgan on McGilchrist’s Hemisphere Theory and the Hero’s Journey

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In their latest episode of the VALUE: After Hours Podcast, Tobias Carlisle, Jake Taylor, and Tom Morgan discuss: Quantitative Finance and the Mantis Shrimp: Unlikely Connections The Power of Weirdness: Embracing Your Unique Path Beyond Logic: Exploring the Limits of Left-Brain Thinking Navigating Digital Connection in a Disconnected World Experience Matters: … Read More

Exploring Telic and Atelic Activities in Investing

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During their recent episode, Taylor, Carlisle, and Cunningham discussed Exploring Telic and Atelic Activities in Investing, here’s an excerpt from the episode: Tobias: We’ve come up to the top of the hour. JT, you’ve done a lot of travel. Do you have a veggies? Victor: Here you go. [laughs] Tobias: … Read More

Warren Buffett: Sophistication In Global Finance Will Provide Investing Opportunities

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During the recent 2024 Berkshire Annual Meeting, Warren Buffett reflected on past experiences, acknowledging he’d gained wisdom. He anticipates future challenges, expecting crises akin to 2008 but not identical. He emphasizes the need for quick access to substantial funds, foreseeing crises occurring every 5-10 years due to increasing global complexity. … Read More