Jim Chanos: This Reminds Me Of October 2000

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During his recent interview with The Market, Jim Chanos explained why this reminds him of October 2000. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Chanos: Sentiment still seems pretty frothy to me. We have stocks doubling again in the month of January, retail volume in the NYSE as a percentage of … Read More

James Chanos: How To Spot A Fraud

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James Chanos is well known for his specialization in short-selling. One of the best known examples was his prediction on the fall of Enron Corp, before it filled for bankruptcy in 2001. In order to understand how he made his prediction here is an excerpt from a prepared statement that … Read More

Jim Chanos: “Being Short With A Good Short Seller Who’s Producing Nominally Minor Positive Returns In A Bull Market Enables You To Be More Long”

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One of our favorite Jim Chanos interviews is one he did with FT Alphachatterbox in which he explained how short selling provides ‘long-side’ investors with an insurance policy saying: “Being short with a good short seller who’s producing nominally minor positive returns in a bull market enables you to be … Read More