Cliff Asness: What Type Of Diversification Works Best During The Worst Of Times

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Cliff Asness and the team at AQR recently released a great paper titled – It Was the Worst of Times: Diversification During a Century of Drawdowns. The paper uses nearly 100 years of data to evaluate the effectiveness of diversifying investments during the worst of times for most portfolios. Here’s the summary and conclusion: Summary Big equity drawdowns happen time and again and … Read More

Cliff Asness (AQR) – New Paper Indicates Deep Value Trading Strategies Generate Excess Returns Not Explained By Traditional Risk Factors

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Late last month Cliff Asness and his team at AQR released a paper titled – Deep Value. In summary, the research indicates that deep value trading strategies generate excess returns not explained by traditional risk factors. Here’s a summary from the paper: We define “deep value” as episodes where the valuation spread between cheap and expensive securities is wide relative … Read More

Cliff Asness – Investing Strategies Can Still Work Even If Everyone Knows About Them, Here’s Why

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One of our favorite investors at The Acquirer’s Multiple – Stock Screener is Cliff Asness. Asness is the Founder, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer at AQR Capital Management. He’s also an active researcher and has authored articles on a variety of financial topics for many publications, including The Journal of Portfolio Management, Financial Analysts Journal and The Journal of Finance. … Read More