Seth Klarman: Top 10 Holdings, New Buys, Sold Out Positions

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One of the best resources for investors are the publicly available 13F-HR documents that each fund is required to submit to the SEC. These documents allow investors to track their favorite superinvestors, their fund’s current holdings, plus their new buys and sold out positions. We spend a lot of time here at The Acquirer’s Multiple digging through these 13F-HR documents … Read More

Seth Klarman: 32 Books That Every Investor Should Read

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Last week we compiled our Top 50 investing Books Of All Time. Over coming weeks we’ll provide recommended reading lists from some of the superinvestors. Back in 2010 Jason Zweig interviewed Seth Klarman at the CFA Institute Annual Conference. During the interview Klarman was asked for his book recommendations. He provided a number of specific books and authors that investors … Read More

Baupost Says Copy of Seth Klarman’s Book on Amazon Was Not Authorized

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In case you haven’t heard. Earlier this month a Kindle version of Seth Klarman’s bible – Margin on Safety, which sells for around $1500, appeared for sale on Amazon for $9.99. Here’s how Bloomberg reported it: Baupost Group said the version of Seth Klarman’s 1991 investment book, “Margin of Safety,” that appeared on was published without his approval and … Read More

How Does Seth Klarman Implement His Value Investing Strategy Differently To Many Other Value Investors

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Last week @NeckarValue tweeted a link to a great interview with Seth Klarman at Barron’s titled – “Value Hunter in a Sky-High Market”. The article provided a number of great value investing insights by Klarman and how he implements his value investing strategy differently to a lot of other value investors. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Q: You talk about value … Read More

Seth Klarman Protege David Abrams Says “Value Investing Is The E = mc² Of Money And Investing”

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One of our favorite investors to follow here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Seth Klarman’s protege David Abrams. Abrams typically shuns the public limelight so it’s difficult to find interviews where he shares his investing strategy. The WSJ did a great story on him back in 2014 titled – Hedge-Fund World’s One-Man Wealth Machine saying: Mr. Abrams got his start in … Read More

Seth Klarman: Successful Value Investing Requires A Multi-Strategy Approach

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Back in 2008 Columbia Business School celebrated the 75th anniversary of the publication of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd’s Security Analysis. The anniversary celebration, hosted by the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing, consisted of a symposium featuring contributors to the sixth edition of Security Analysis, including David Abrams, Bruce Berkowitz, James Grant, Glenn Greenberg, Bruce Greenwald, Roger Lowenstein, Howard  … Read More

Seth Klarman: Interplanetary Visitors Would Question Our Intelligence If They Examined The Behavior Of Financial Market Participants

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One of the best book’s ever written on investing is Margin of Safety, by Seth Klarman. In one passage in particular Klarman illustrates how interplanetary visitors would question the intelligence of human beings if they examined the behavior of financial market participants. Here is an excerpt from that book: If interplanetary visitors landed on Earth and examined the workings of our financial markets … Read More

Seth Klarman: “Most Investments Are Dependent On Outcomes That Cannot Be Accurately Foreseen”

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Much has been written about the best way to calculate the present and future values of a business for investment. But as Seth Klarman points out in his book – Margin of Safety, the reality is: “Even if the present could somehow be perfectly understood, most investments are dependent on outcomes that cannot be accurately foreseen.” Klarman goes on add there … Read More

Seth Klarman: Mainstream Investing Has It Backwards

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Some years ago Seth Klarman gave a fantastic speech at the MIT Sloan Investment Management Club. During his speech Klarman suggested that the mainstream approach to investing has is backwards saying: “Right at the core, the mainstream has it backwards. Warren Buffett often quips that the first rule of investing is to not lose money, and the second rule is to … Read More

Seth Klarman: Investing Requires A Degree Of Arrogance Tempered With The Humility Of Knowing We Could Be Wrong

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Several years ago Jason Zweig did a great interview with Seth Klarman titled – Opportunities for Patient Investors, which was published by the CFA Institute. While the entire interview provides a number of value investing insights, one answer in particular provides a unique insight into Klarman’s psychology towards investing saying: “In investing, whenever you act, you are effectively saying, I know more … Read More

Seth Klarman: What Is An Appropriate Margin of Safety Before Making An Investment

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Margin of Safety, by Seth Klarman is one of the best books ever written on investing and a must read for all investors. One of the most important investing concepts discussed in the book is the ‘margin of safety’, popularized by Ben Graham. Seth Klarman describes the ‘margin of safety’ as follows: “The best investments have a considerable margin of … Read More

Seth Klarman: “A Margin Of Safety Is Necessary As Investors Are Human And Do Make Mistakes”

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Seth Klarman wrote an investing classic called – Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor. There’s one passage in particular in which Klarman encapsulates his entire value investing strategy saying, “A margin of safety is necessary because valuation is an imprecise art, the future is unpredictable, and investors are human and do make mistakes.” Here is … Read More

Seth Klarman – Value Opportunities Still Exist In Firms Being Attacked By The Likes Of Amazon

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Good news for value investors as the WSJ reports that Seth Klarman at Baupost is still finding value opportunities in firms being attacked by the likes of Amazon, saying: “Increasing technological disruption is already pushing some securities well below our assessment of underlying value,” writes Mr. Klarman, “as legitimate concerns are, in some cases, carried to excess.” Klarman also sees … Read More

Seth Klarman – It Is Crucial To Have, And Maintain, A Sound Process

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Here’s a great article at the The Outstanding Investor Digest that includes comments and answers from Seth Klarman at a symposium entitled “Celebrating 75 Years of Security Analysis”. During the symposium Klarman provided a number of valuable investing insights and honored the legacy of Graham and Dodd saying, “Graham and Dodd teach us not only about investing, but also thinking about investing”. … Read More

Seth Klarman – Value Investing Is A Large-Scale Arbitrage Between Security Prices And Underlying Business Value

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The one book that all investors should read is Margin of Safety, by Seth Klarman. A new copy of Klarman’s book is going to set you back around $1000 on Amazon and used copies can be bought for around $750. But it’s money well spent if you wish to be a successful value investor. There’s a great piece in the … Read More

Seth Klarman – 20 Investment Lessons From 2008

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As we’re currently in the midst of a sustained bull market it seems like a good time to reflect on the 2008 financial crisis and some of the lessons we should remember when everything appears to be rosy in the stock market. Back in 2010, Value Investors Insight printed a great article, with permission from Seth Klarman, which included 20 lessons from … Read More

Great Investors Focus On Absolute-Performance Rather Than Relative-Performance – Seth Klarman

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Earlier this month The Washington Post published an article titled – Warren Buffett’s $100 Billion Problem. The article was reporting on the $100 Billion that Berkshire has accumulated in cash over the years, stating: Warren Buffett celebrated his 87th birthday a few days ago, but the bigger number in his life is the $100 billion mound of cash that his Berkshire … Read More