Our New Canadian Deep Value Stock Screener – (CAGR) 19.1% per year

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Big news this week with the release of our new Canadian All TSX deep value stock screener, and the backtest results are astounding! Backtesting Results Canada All TSX Stock Screen We backtested the returns to a theoretical portfolio of stocks selected by The Acquirer’s Multiple® from the Canada All TSX stock screen. The backtest assumed the screen bought and held for a year 30 … Read More

Alio Gold Jumps 19% Last 5 Days – TAM Deep Value Stock Screener

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One of the cheapest stocks in our All Investable Deep Value Stock Screener is Alio Gold Inc (NYSEMKT:ALO). Alio Gold Inc (Alio), formerly Timmins Gold Corp, is a Canada-based gold producer engaged in the operation, development, exploration and acquisition of resource properties in Mexico through its subsidiaries, Timmins Goldcorp Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and Molimentales del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V. (MdN). MdN … Read More

How do we hand-pick the 90 best Deep Value Stocks for our Screens

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(Image Credit, www.123rf.com) One question we always get asked is, how to we hand-pick the 90 best Deep Value Stocks for our screens? Hand-picking the 90 best Deep Value opportunities from 1000’s of stocks is like trying to find a needle in a haystack but, we know that historically once they’re found, these stocks provide investors with great opportunities for out-performance. We … Read More

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – The Acquirer’s Multiple vs The Magic Formula

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(Image Credit: www.youtube.com) Like two heavyweight boxing champions, there’s been loads of tests and comparisons made between heavyweight stock screeners, The Acquirer’s Multiple (the method provided by the screens here) and The Magic Formula (which of course was developed by Joel Greenblatt). Here is one such article published by Lukas Neely, a former Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager and author of the Amazon … Read More