Seth Klarman Protégé – David Abrams – Investors Need To Use A Multi-Path Approach To Business Valuation And Analysis

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We’ve just been listening to a great interview with Seth Klarman’s protégé David Abrams on the Value Investing With Legends podcast in which Abrams discusses why investors need to use a multi-path approach to business valuation and analysis. Here’s an extract from the interview: David Abrams: The first question we … Read More

Warren Buffett: Sometimes Buying A Basket Of Stocks In An Industry Is Better Than Picking Individual Stocks

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During the 2002 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Warren Buffett provided some great insights into why buying a basket of stocks in an industry is better than picking individual stocks. Here’s an excerpt from the meeting: AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hi, my name is Jennifer Pearlman from Toronto, Canada. Mr. Buffett, in 1998, … Read More

Warren Buffett: You Don’t Want To Buy Stock In The Company That Has To Do Everything Right

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Here’s a great recent interview with Warren Buffett speaking to Becky Quick at CNBC. During the interview Buffett, while speaking about Apple, provides some great insights into why investors should not buy stocks in companies that have to do everything right, saying: Apple, I’d love to see them succeed. That’s … Read More

Aswath Damodaran: Do Not Invest In Companies That Try To Achieve Growth Through Acquisition

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Here’s a great article by Aswath Damodaran in which he warns investors who are considering investing in companies that use acquisitions as part of their growth strategy, saying: “If you look at the collective evidence across acquisitions, this is the most value destructive action a company can take.” Here’s an … Read More

Joel Greenblatt – If You Do Good Valuation Work The Market Will Agree With You Eventually

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Here’s a great recent interview with Joel Greenblatt at CNBC discussing value investing and the one promise that he makes to his new value investing students at Columbia University, saying: We value businesses like we’re a private equity firm. That’s what stocks are. They’re not pieces of paper that bounce … Read More

Warren Buffett: Stocks – What Else In The World Don’t You Like To Buy Cheaper Than You’re Paying The Day Before?

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Here’s a great recent interview with Warren Buffett at CNBC discussing a number of topics including his value investing mindset. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: BECKY QUICK: I know you’re like Dr. Spock. You’re completely emotionless, when it comes to dealing with market moves. But is there any part … Read More

Seth Klarman: The Proper Wiring for a Long-Term Investor

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In Seth Klarmans’ latest shareholder letter he writes successful investing is like being a successful relief pitcher, saying: Consider the plight of a relief pitcher. Historically undervalued, unappreciated, often used interchangeably with other relievers, and, until recently, low on the major league pay scale. Required to be ready throughout most … Read More