The Value Premium: What This Indicator Is Telling Us About The Business Cycle

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Here’s a great article by George Athanassakos at The Globe and Mail. Athanassakos is a finance professor and the Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing at the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. He’s discussing a recent paper titled The Value Premium and Expected Business Conditions, which illustrates … Read More

Michael Mauboussin: ‘Procyclicality’- How It Drives Market Cycles To Extremes

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Michael Mauboussin recently released a great paper called – Procyclicality And Its Extremes in which he discusses ‘Procyclicality’ and how it drives market cycles to extremes. He also provides indicators of procyclicality and methods for coping with, and profiting from it. Here is an excerpt from that paper: In economics, procyclical … Read More