Chuck Akre: Timeless Lessons From Warren Buffett

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In his 1988 Shareholder Letter, Chuck Akre discussed the lessons he learned from Warren Buffett. Here’s an excerpt from the letter: Over the years, I have been most significantly influenced by the writings of Warren Buffett. (Fortunately, I have been a shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway since 1977). Warren was a … Read More

Chuck Akre: Never Sell Good Businesses

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In his latest interview with WCDS: Wakefield Country Day School, Chuck Akre discusses his never sell strategy, and why investors can pay higher multiples for growth companies in a low interest rate environment. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Akre: Then we say, and our discipline is, we just don’t … Read More

Chuck Akre: Hang On To Your Winners

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In his recent interview with Value Investor Insight, Chuck Akre discussed his stepping down from running the Akre Focus Fund at age 78, his successful approach to investing, and his thoughts on buy and sell prices. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Question: It’s always been a bit difficult to … Read More

Chuck Akre: Don’t Seek Opportunities In The Hardest-Hit Businesses Without Regard For Quality

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In Chuck Akre’s latest Q2 2020 Market Commentary he makes a couple of great points regarding the importance of ignoring market forecasts, and why investors should avoid seeking opportunities in the hardest-hit businesses without regard for quality. Here’s some excerpts from his commentary: Why Investors Should Ignore Market Forecasts The … Read More

How To Find Good Businesses Using A Three-Legged Milking Stool – Chuck Akre

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(Image Credit, Chuck Akre is the founder of Akre Capital Management LLC. His firm has $4.8 Billion in Assets Under Management (Form ADV from 2015-11-01). Akre uses a classic value approach in selecting companies for his portfolio. He likes to buy companies with strong business model demonstrating consistent earnings growth, high … Read More