Chuck Akre: Don’t Seek Opportunities In The Hardest-Hit Businesses Without Regard For Quality

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In Chuck Akre’s latest Q2 2020 Market Commentary he makes a couple of great points regarding the importance of ignoring market forecasts, and why investors should avoid seeking opportunities in the hardest-hit businesses without regard for quality. Here’s some excerpts from his commentary: Why Investors Should Ignore Market Forecasts The … Read More

How To Find Good Businesses Using A Three-Legged Milking Stool – Chuck Akre

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(Image Credit, Chuck Akre is the founder of Akre Capital Management LLC. His firm has $4.8 Billion in Assets Under Management (Form ADV from 2015-11-01). Akre uses a classic value approach in selecting companies for his portfolio. He likes to buy companies with strong business model demonstrating consistent earnings growth, high … Read More