Prem Watsa: If You Get Two Out Of Three Right, You Will Have One Of The Best Track Records

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Here’s a great recent interview with Prem Watsa discussing investing with Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang on “What’d You Miss?”. During the interview Watsa shares some great insights on what makes a great investor. Here’s an excerpt from that interview: Amanda Lang: Have there been investments that you regret? Prem Watsa: Oh! I wouldn’t say thousands of them, but tons of them… Tons … Read More

Prem Watsa: We Think This Will Be A ‘‘Stock Pickers’’ Market In Which A Value investor Like Us Can Thrive

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We’ve just had a read through the latest annual shareholder letter from Fairfax Financial Holdings in which Prem Watsa is predicting a rosy future for value investors. Here’s an excerpt from that letter: I like to review all our annual reports before I begin writing the most recent one. I noticed this year that in 2011, I wrote to you … Read More

Acquirer’s Multiple Stocks Featuring In Watsa, Greenblatt, Simons Portfolios

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One of the new weekly additions here at The Acquirer’s Multiple features some of the top picks from our All Investable Stock Screener and some top investors that have added, or are holding these same picks in their portfolios. Investors such as Joel Greenblatt, Jim Simons, Prem Watsa, Jeremy Grantham, and Howard Marks. The top investor data is provided from the latest … Read More

Timeless Investing Lessons From Prem Watsa

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One of our favorite investors here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Prem Watsa. Watsa founded Toronto-based financial services firm Fairfax Financial Holdings in 1985 and remains its chairman and CEO. He has been called, The Canadian Warren Buffett. Over the years Watsa has provided some great insights on how to become a successful value investor, based on the guiding principles … Read More

A Value Investors Mecca Should Extend Beyond Omaha To Toronto And Prem Watsa

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Great article in the AFR that suggests Omaha is not the only place that value investors are heading to for great ideas. It seems Denver and Toronto are becoming equally important destinations, as are the annual meetings of Markel Corporation and Fairfax Financial, as investors prepare for life after Buffett and Munger. Toronto in time may become the next Omaha. For … Read More