Bruce Greenwald: How To Value Growth

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In his book – Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond, Bruce Greenwald discusses how to value growth using the ‘Growth Value Matrix’. Here’s an excerpt from the book: In general, the value created by growth depends on two factors. The first is the profitability of the incremental capital employed; … Read More

Li Lu: The Right Temperament

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In his latest fireside chat with Bruce Greenwald, Li Lu discusses the temperament required to be a successful investor. Here’s an excerpt from the chat: It is a hallmark of a good investor that you can sit through watching your portfolio down by 50 and not being affected at all. … Read More

Bruce Greenwald: Investors Should Focus On ‘Return Trajectory’ When Valuing Businesses

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Here’s a great presentation with Bruce Greenwald on the 1st Annual Roger Murray Lecture Series, with Tano Santos. During the presentation Greenwald discusses why investors should focus on the return trajectory when valuing a business. Here’s an excerpt from the presentation: Greenwald: But much more importantly if you think about … Read More

Bruce Greenwald: How Smart Investors Can Take Advantage Of Overconfident Investors – Which Is Most Of Us!

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We’ve just been watching Bruce Greenwald’s 2014 presentation at the International Post Keynesian Conference in which he illustrates how smart investors can take advantage of overconfident investors, which is most of us, saying: Human beings are constituted and cannot stop themselves from believing they know what they know with a … Read More

Bruce Greenwald: “You Are Who You Are. That’s Why I’m Not Really A Professional Investor!”

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We’ve just been reading through the latest issue of the Graham & Doddsville newsletter featuring a great interview with Mark Cooper and Bruce Greenwald. Mark Cooper is a co-portfolio manager of the International Small Cap Value strategy at First Eagle Investment Management. He’s also one of Greenwald’s former students and current collaborators. During the interview, … Read More