Apollo Education Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOL): Cheap and Nasty

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Apollo Education Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOL) is one of those stocks that tests the patience of value investors. Like the rest of the for-profit education industry, it’s been in a tail spin for years. The problems are well known: For-profit educators exploited the torrent of government money available for higher education and loaded students … Read More

Greenblatt and Asness on Periods of Underperformance for Value

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Fascinating note from Forbes on the underperformance of Joel Greenblatt’s mutual funds that implement the Magic Formula: [I]nstead of trying to paint Gotham’s year-to-date returns as indicative of any obvious flaw in strategy, it’s likely a far stronger data point to use as a read on the overall market. Its … Read More

The Icahn Strategy

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From Icahn Enterprises L.P. December 2013 Investor Presentation: Across all of our businesses, our success is based on a simple formula: we seek to find undervalued companies in the Graham & Dodd tradition, a methodology for valuing stocks that primarily looks for deeply depressed prices. However, while the typical Graham … Read More

Movado Group, Inc. ($MOV): Cheap, safe and buying back stock

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It’s no secret why Movado Group, Inc. ($MOV) is in the bargain bin. Investors fear that the beast of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino–Apple, Inc.–has done for watches what it did for Walkmans (the iPod), desktop PCs (the iMac), music (iTunes), laptops (the Macbook), and cell phones (the iPhone), not to … Read More

Changes to the Screeners’ Output

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  I’ve retooled the screeners to add some new information at the request of some users. In addition to the acquirer’s multiple and its components–enterprise value and operating earnings–, and descriptive data–share price, symbol, name, industry, and market capitalization–the screener now shows several additional fundamental measures. Those measures include each … Read More

Alaska Air Group ($ALK) is well run and cheap

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Lots of value investors find their own personal Waterloo in airline stocks (Buffett famously dumps money in the sector every decade or so). That might make the industry sound like a bad bet. Regardless, when I kick airlines out of my backtests, they tend to underperform, so I keep the industry … Read More

What happens to value in sideways markets: Shiller PE and expected returns using Hussman’s method

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Robert Shiller’s cyclically adjusted price earnings (CAPE) ratio takes a 10-year inflation-adjusted average of the S&P500’s earnings to arrive at a price/earnings metric smoothed for the business cycle. It’s useful because earnings tend to be volatile and mean reverting. For example, the single-year PE metric peaked in 2009 at 125, indicating … Read More