Howard Marks: The Great Investors Are Unemotional People

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Here’s a great excerpt from an interview that Howard Marks recently did with During the interview Marks talks about the psychological aspects that make successful investors great saying, “Most of the great investors I know are unemotional people”. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: What about psychological aspects? The higher … Read More

Value Investing Will Turn Around But No-One Can Say When

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During his recent interview with Tobias, Justin Carbonneau, a Partner at Validea Capital discusses how value investing will turn around but no-one can say when. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Tobias Carlisle: We’ve seen this really difficult time for value. I get the feeling that you’re not necessarily a believer … Read More

(Ep.10) The Acquirers Podcast: Justin Carbonneau – Guru Stocks, How To Replicate The Strategies Of Value Gurus

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Summary In this episode of The Acquirer’s Podcast Tobias chats with Justin Carbonneau, a Partner at Validea Capital Management. Validea replicate guru strategies and track some other strategies. They have a money management firm, and an ETF. During the interview Justin provides some great insights into: – How Can Investors … Read More

There’s A Philosophical Problem With Passive Investing That A Lot Of Investors Don’t Appreciate

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During his recent interview with Tobias, Jesse Felder, hedge fund manager and Founder of The Felder Report Newsletter discusses the philosophical problem with passive investing whereby indexes systematically underweight owner-operated companies and systematically overweight companies. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Jesse Felder: It’s interesting to me that these indexes … Read More

Warren Buffett: Sometimes Buying A Basket Of Stocks In An Industry Is Better Than Picking Individual Stocks

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During the 2002 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Warren Buffett provided some great insights into why buying a basket of stocks in an industry is better than picking individual stocks. Here’s an excerpt from the meeting: AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hi, my name is Jennifer Pearlman from Toronto, Canada. Mr. Buffett, in 1998, … Read More