Lazard’s: Shareholder Activism – ESG Will Become A “Trojan Horse” To Advance Campaigns Where Management Has Failed

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Lazard’s recently released their Review of Shareholder Activism – Q3 2020 which included answers to the following questions: When will activism fully return? Who will be most vulnerable? Will there be a new activist playbook? The new activist playbook includes ESG becoming a “trojan horse” to advance campaigns where management … Read More

How Activist Investing Is Changing

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There’s been a lot of discussion about activist investing in the past couple of weeks and how it’s changing. Here’s a great short video at The Financial Times illustrating how activist investing has changed saying: “Last year more than $62bn was deployed by activist investors on their campaigns, double the … Read More

HBS – Activist Investors: The Untold Story

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Here’s a great article at the The Harbus. The Harbus is the independent, non-profit news organization of Harvard Business School. The article provides some great arguments against the perception that all activist investors are short term focused, aggressive, and meddlers. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Ask many HBS students about the … Read More

Alexander Roepers – Look For Companies With Predictable, Sustainable Franchises That Have Hit A Speed Bump

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One of the investors we watch closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Alexander Roepers, the founder of Atlantic Investment Management. The firm’s investing methodology is differentiated by its: (1) well-defined universe of quality publicly-traded industrial / consumer companies; (2) concentration of capital and research on its highest conviction investments; … Read More