Howard Marks: 6 Classic Investment Mistakes That Every Investor Should Avoid

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In his 2006 memo titled ‘Pigweed’ Howard Marks provided investors with six classic investment mistakes that every investor should avoid using the real-life case study of hedge fund – Amaranth Advisors. Amaranth Advisors was an American multi-strategy hedge fund founded by Nicholas Maounis and headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. During its peak, the firm had up to … Read More

Murray Stahl: We Find Things That Nobody Wants To Buy For A Reason That Is Not Related To Fundamentals Of Valuation

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One of the investors we like to follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Murray Stahl, CEO of Horizon Kinetics. Stahl has a particular knack of finding investment opportunities in ‘special situations’. In this interview with Ticker he discusses areas where investors can find these opportunities saying: “In a … Read More

Richard Zeckhauser: Mere Mortals Should Not Try To Imitate Warren Buffett or Bill Miller

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Some years ago Richard Zeckhauser, a professor of political economy and bridge player, wrote a very interesting paper called – Investing in the Unknown and Unknowable (UU). His paper discusses how the wisest investors have earned extraordinary returns by investing in the unknown and the unknowable (UU). But they have done so on a reasoned, sensible … Read More

Francis Chou: Value Investors Must Remain Confident When Your Strategy Does Not Appear To Be Working

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One of the value investors we like to follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Francis Chou, founder of Chou Associates Fund. Chou recently released his 2018 semi-annual report in which he urged value investors to stick with their value investing principles in the current market environment saying: “The … Read More

Bruce Flatt (Brookfield): “Being Contrarian And Not Being Where The Crowd Is Going – Is Hard To Do – But The Most Lucrative If Accomplished”

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Here’s a great presentation from Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management, speaking to the folks at Google about – Durable Principles for Real Asset Investing. Flatt makes some great points on the importance of going against the crowd and maintaining a contrarian approach to investing saying: “We’ve always tried to adhere … Read More

David Einhorn: Greenlight Capital’s Big August Loss Compounds 2018 Woes

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Here’s an article at Institutional Investor which discusses David Einhorn’s ongoing underperformance. According to this article at Reuters – Billionaire investor David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital hedge fund, whose bets on car companies General Motors and Tesla both moved against him in August, lost 7.6 percent this month, leaving the fund … Read More

Mario Gabelli: There Are No Such Things As “Can’t Miss” Stocks. Habits evolve, Technologies Change, And Companies Mature. It’s A Cycle As Old As Capitalism Itself

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Mario Gabelli recently released his Q2 2018 shareholder letter. Gabelli reported for the quarter ended June 30, 2018, the net asset value (“NAV”) per Class A Share of The Gabelli Value 25 Fund increased 3.2% compared with increases of 3.4% and 1.3% for the Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”) 500 Index and the … Read More