What happens to value in sideways markets: Shiller PE and expected returns using Hussman’s method

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Robert Shiller’s cyclically adjusted price earnings (CAPE) ratio takes a 10-year inflation-adjusted average of the S&P500’s earnings to arrive at a price/earnings metric smoothed for the business cycle. It’s useful because earnings tend to be volatile and mean reverting. For example, the single-year PE metric peaked in 2009 at 125, indicating … Read More

S&P500 enterprise multiple 1990 to date

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I like to check in occasionally to see where the S&P500’s average enterprise multiple stands. Right now it’s trading on just over 12x, where it’s been since the start of the year. It’s rarely been this expensive. Indeed, the average for the full period is 10.4, and it’s only exceeded this level … Read More

CNBC’s 9 stocks could be takeover targets

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CNBC recently screened for small- and mid-cap companies that could attract takeover offers on the basis of valuation. CNBC examined free cash flow yield, enterprise multiple, and total debt as a percentage of equity to find the following nine names emerged: Symbol Company Industry EV/EBITDA FCF Yield Debt % NPK National … Read More

Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC) Special Offer

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Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC) is the 24th cheapest stock in the Small and Micro Cap Screener with an acquirer’s multiple of 8.89. It trades on a PE of 9.7  has an 11.4 FVF/EV yield. We’ve taken a deep dive into it over at Singular Diligence. We’re running a special for the readers … Read More