Michael Mauboussin: The Incredible Shrinking Universe of Stocks – The Causes and Consequences of Fewer U.S. Equities

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Michael Mauboussin and the team at Credit Suisse Global Financial Strategies recently published a report on The Incredible Shrinking Universe of Stocks – The Causes and Consequences of Fewer U.S. Equities. It’s a fascinating read. The report states: There has been a sharp fall in the number of listed stocks in … Read More

Charles Munger: The Investing World Is Just A Morass Of Wrong Incentives, Crazy Reporting, And A Fair Amount Of Delusion

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During Saturday’s annual Berkshire Hathaway pilgrimage, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger once again challenged the value of hedge funds and their managers. During the meeting Buffett said, “The huge money [in hedge funds] is in selling people the idea that you can do something magical for them”. Munger added, “The investing … Read More

Bruce Berkowitz – ETF’s Occasionally Swing To Illogical Extremes – We Prefer Unpopular, Underpriced, and Underweighted

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Bruce Berkowitz recently released The Fairholme Funds 2016 Annual Report in which he discusses the current trend towards ETF investing and he provides the following warning for investors: Exchange-traded index funds (“ETFs”) are all the rage these days for their straightforward, low-cost replication of broad indexes. While it is a … Read More

Bridgepoint Education Soars 22% – Total Gain 124% To Date

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Bridgepoint Education (NYSE:BPI) (Bridgepoint) reported its Q1 2017 results yesterday and the stock price soared 22%. Bridgepoint is a provider of post-secondary education services and owns two academic institutions – Ashford University and University of the Rockies. This is a stock that I added to my Acquirer’s Multiple – Deep … Read More

Shiller vs Siegel: The Bull & The Bear On Current Market Valuations

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Two Finance Professors that we follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple are Yale Professor of Economics, Robert Shiller and Wharton Professor of Finance, Jeremy Siegel. Both were interviewed recently by CNBC regarding their outlook on current market valuations. Shiller says, “Current market conditions make the market look dangerous”. While Siegel says, … Read More