Zuck vs Musk – Who Would Win In The Octagon?

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During their latest episode of the VALUE: After Hours Podcast, Brewster, Taylor, and Carlisle discussed Zuck vs Musk – Who Would Win In The Octagon?. Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

Jake: Yeah. Well, anytime your CEO is distracted with wanting to fight other billionaires in the Octagon, you know, what is going on there?

Tobias: Zuck looks like he can actually grapple.

Bill: I would not fuck with Zuck.

Jake: That’s what a [unintelligible [00:06:40] T-shirt should say.

Tobias: Elon’s got– [crosstalk]

Bill: Yeah. I wouldn’t do it.

Tobias: -got a bit of weight on him though.

Jake: Yeah. But you know what? If Zuck makes it out of the first round, then he’s got to become the favorite, right?

Bill: Who?

Tobias: Elon’s a lot [crosstalk] I would say.

Bill: In the fight?

Jake: Yeah. Because Zuck’s got the [crosstalk] stamina, for sure on Elon in each?

Bill: Yeah. He said Ozempic is going to hit him right before the fight. He’ll shed 14 pounds tomorrow.

Jake: Oh, sick.

Tobias: Could go in. He won’t know what’s going on. His body is going to change too much.

Jake: Oh, my goodness.

Bill: He’s probably going to train and not eat enough, because his food is going to be disgusting to him. Then, his muscles aren’t going to form right. I don’t know. I’m taking Zuck.

Tobias: Is that what Ozempic does? Just changing the taste of the food?

Bill: Well, I’m basing all of my strong opinions on one article from the Independent. So, we know how that goes.

Jake: So, you know it’s good.

Bill: Yeah. But the people that I have spoken with that take it, they do say that their cravings are a lot lower. And then the specific article that I’m thinking of– A couple of people were quoted saying that the thought of the fourth bite or fifth bite of food that they used to enjoy is actually repulsive to them.

Jake: What is happening to your brain psychology to do that?

Bill: There’s actually an answer to this, and I don’t have it. But I don’t think it’s quite as bad as it may sound.

Jake: Actually, one of our listeners sent me a write up about that, and I haven’t read it yet, and I will, and I’ll report back next time on what the answer is.

Bill: I think it’s supposed to put you close to ketosis without the smell, like chemically. I think that’s what you’re close to. I don’t know. Look, I think it’s better than obesity, would be the way that I know how to say it. I don’t think it’s not going to be free. There’s going to be some side effects.

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