We’re In A Stock-Pickers Market

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During their latest episode of the VALUE: After Hours Podcast, Collins, Daniel, Taylor, and Carlisle discussed We’re In A Stock-Pickers Market. Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

Porter: Again, we’re doing our usual dumpster diving in places where we like, where there are a couple of different financials, which there’s two. Again, we have two financials. We have a handful of energy names. All it takes with a couple of nice catalysts, and inflection points, and that’s how we tend to make money. Buy well and hope for a nice little catalyst and hopefully, have good management team along the way to help you out.

Jake: Do you feel like that implies that it’s like this next perspective, call it year, two years or whatever is likely to do well for guys who are a little bit more stock pickers and not so much just riding a tide.

Porter: I would have said that six months ago.

Jake: [laughs] Yeah. Whole career.

Vincent: I always laugh at this question, because– If you ever watch golf, they always say, it’s a ball strikers course. Well, what isn’t a ball striker’s course?

Jake: [laughs]

Vincent: My view is, it’s a stock picker’s market. Well, it’s now going to become a stock picker’s market. Well, tell that to the person who had Nvidia for the last six months. He thought it was a stock picker. He or she thought it was a stock picker’s market. It just happened to be not the stocks that we… to like. So, in that regard, I don’t know, I prefer to think that there should be opportunities all over the place at some point. Long or short, it’s just our job to find them.

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