Fortune Favors The Brave

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In their latest episode of the VALUE: After Hours Podcast, Brewster, Taylor, and Carlisle discuss Fortune Favors The Brave. Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

Tobias: Just that you know that line, “Fortune favors the brave”? So, this is something that I put this in my book before Matt Damon says it actually. I had it in there, and I looked it up. You can find it. It’s a lots of militaries around the world, lots of special forces use that expression, “Fortune favors the brave” or different variations of it. And so, I was trying to find where did that first come from? One of the early ones that I found, Pliny the Younger describing Pliny the Elder, who evidently said it– So, Pliny the Elder and this is Ancient Greece. He’s going to investigate the eruption at Mount Vesuvius and he says, “Fortune favors the brave. I’m heading for Vesuvius.” Fair to meet his doom. Never heard from again. Last thing he ever said.

Jake: Got [crosstalk], huh?

Tobias: When I heard fortune favors the brave on that bitcoin ad, I was like, “Huh, how about that? History repeats”

Jake: Makes perfect sense.

Bill: Hmm.

Jake: Yeah.

Bill: Well, when did they learn to brew beer?

Tobias: [laughs]

Jake: Yeah, exactly. [laughs]

Bill: Those are good.

Jake: One of the Cardano, I think it was, is named after a guy who was a total degenerate gambler in the 1600s but came up with some little bit of math on something gambling wise. But they told us how this was going to play out, didn’t they? This is [laughs] speculative gambling.

Bill: I do think if you run tape back–

Tobias: Dude died poor.

Bill: I think If you run the tape back, I’ve been open to the idea of crypto. But the other thing that I know that I’ve said, you guys have been much more skeptical than I, so you’re more right than I am. But I did say this reminds me of the late 90s in that area. Late 90s, there was a lot of dog shit that was floated to the market.

Jake: Oh, yeah.

Bill: I don’t know that it brought down any exchanges, but I think people are seeing it now. Probably, out of the ashes, there will be a couple projects that are maybe even worth buying and investing in.

Tobias: No doubt.

Bill: Right now, this is when the fire is burning.

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