Stanley Druckenmiller: Do Not Invest In The Present

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In his recent interview with the Sohn Conference Foundation, Stanley Druckenmiller explained why you do not invest in the present. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Druckenmiller: I think fundamentals are fundamentals. Look when companies are losing money capacity is always going to shrink and their margins are going to look better in three years. When companies are over-earning their margins are going to come down in three years, I think all that stuff will be out there.

I think the great thing about my original mentor Spiros Drelles in Pittsburgh was he made me focus on what moves the stock price. Like you can’t just say, Stan okay this is a great company and the earnings are great so tell me how people are going to think differently in 18 or 24 months about the situation than they’re thinking now.

That would be my number one advice to the young people. Do not do not invest in the present. The present it’s not what moves stock prices, change moves them, and I want you to try and envision a different world in a year and a half from now, and where these security prices would trade versus now given the world you envisioned.

That would be my number one advice to a young person getting in the business.

You can watch the entire discussion here:

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