Stanley Druckenmiller: Fiscal Recklessness Of The Last Decade Like Watching A Horror Movie

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During his recent presentation at USC Marshall, Stanley Druckenmiller explained why the fiscal recklessness of the last decade has been like watching a horror movie. Here’s are some excerpts from the presentation: Druckenmiller: Let me give you some facts. The share of fiscal spending going to seniors has been growing dramatically … Read More

Stanley Druckenmiller: Investors Should Be Open-Minded To Possibility Of Something Really Bad

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In his recent interview with the Sohn Conference Foundation, Stanley Druckenmiller recommended investors be open-minded to the possibility of something really bad happening. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Druckenmiller: This is my 45th consecutive year as a chief investment officer. And in 45 years I’ve never seen a constellation … Read More