One Way To Avoid Getting Wiped Out!

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In their recent episode of the VALUE: After Hours Podcast, Brewster, Taylor, and Tobias Carlisle discussed One Way To Avoid Getting Wiped Out! Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

Bill: Down 80 is bad. You pretty much wiped out?

Jake: Down 80 is bad.

Bill: I don’t think we talked about what happens though, if I increase my Twitter follower account during those up 25 years, and then I launch some Substack products, and maybe hold some conferences, and then maybe I’m in an LP structure, and then I have fun, too, and I say, I just had a bad year, and I’m about to get ready to go again, I get my two and 20 maybe-

Jake: I’ve learned all my lessons from before.

Bill: -or just my 06/20 on the first, you can get pretty rich in that first strategy.

Tobias: John Merriweather did it three times.

Bill: Yeah. So, LPs may not. But the GP can make it out pretty well.

Jake: That’s right.

Bill: He’s got to be good at sales.

Jake: If you’re a good salesman, well, that’s what I was going to say that-

Bill: That’s right.

Jake: -you can have multiple bites of that apple.

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