Alex Roepers: Where Could Value Investors Find The Best “Candies” To Invest In 2020?

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Here’s a great interview with Alex Roepers, Founder of Atlantic Investment Management. During the International Value Investing Conference in Luxembourg Alex discusses:

  • At 03:48 he explains, why he thinks Europe is currently a candy story
  • At 05:44 we talk about Alex Roepers’s view on Japan
  • At 07:30 we talk about the changing use of cash in Japan
  • At 09:08 Alex explains his view on ETFs
  • At 10:26 Alex Roepers gives an overview about his white paper “Putting Things into Perspective: Compelling Value Opportunities in a Growth Market”
  • At 18:54 we talk about the risk of disruptions for “classical value stocks”
  • At 20:53 we end the interview with a dive into the three main holdings of Atlantic Investment Management – Owens Illinois, Timken and Eastman and learn how they make sure, their moat is not disrupted.

You can watch the entire interview here:

(Source: YouTube)

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5 Comments on “Alex Roepers: Where Could Value Investors Find The Best “Candies” To Invest In 2020?”

  1. Do the screens test for stocks that generate operating cashflow in line with operating profit as indicated on page 137 of the book under point 3?

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