How To Identify Great Capital Allocators

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During his recent interview with Tobias, Jake Taylor of Farnam Street discusses how investors can spot great capital allocators, saying:

– But having said all that yeah there’s so many great cap allocators out there. You know obviously Buffett and Munger are the gold standard at Berkshire. But you have so many really smart people who are doing this right now.

It’s almost not even worth mentioning them by name there’s so many. But what is very interesting about them and I think is really well highlighted in William Thorndike’s book The Outsiders, is that all these people are willing to think for themselves and go against the crowd potentially.

That’s where, one of my goals of my book was to potentially inspire people who read it to have the confidence to make the decision for themselves. I would love if someone read this book and decided you know what I can figure this out.

None of it is rocket science right? I mean there’s no higher math required. It’s all just being willing to sort of stand on your own intellectual two feet and figure out if what I’m doing makes sense logically. And you know it’s very difficult for some people to do that because it does take it’s own emotional toll for sure. Anybody who’s done investing really in anything, especially if they’ve gone a little bit contrarian knows how painful that can be right?

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