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There were a number of articles that caught my eye this week in the world of value investing. Take some time to have a look at them over the weekend.

Margin Of Safety (ValueWalk)

How Anyone Can Invest Like Warren Buffett (Bloomberg)

Learning From the Biggest Mistakes of Institutional Investors (Yahoo Finance)

Why value investors are poised to prosper (Interactive Investor)

Unlimited Free Access to Large Cap 1000 – Deep Value Stock Screener (Acquirer’s Multiple)

Mark Dampier: Why value investing is making a comeback (Fund Strategy)

The 8 Levels of Value Investing (GuruFocus)

Cheap Stocks $HUM and $BHE, Deep Value and The Acquirer’s Multiple® on Benzinga’s Pre-market Prep (Greenbackd)

What You Don’t Know About Value Investing (Advisor.ca)

Making the case for deep value investing and the principles of Benjamin Graham (Financial Post)

Panel Discussion: Event Driven Value Investing – Tobias Carlisle (CFA Society)

Keeping Stock Valuations Simple (ValueWalk)

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