NevSun Resources ($NSU): Arguably the best base metals miner in the world.

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Nevsun Resources (USA) has taken a beating recently, down 17 percent from its June high of $4.26. It remains the cheapest stock in the All Investable universe. Chief Development Officer Scott Trebilcock gives a presentation on behalf of Nevsun Resources at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver BC. In the introduction, MC Eric Coffin introduces the firm as “one of the best base metal mines arguably in the world:”

My honest, gut feeling is  things are going to go one of two ways between now and the end of next year. Either these guys do a couple of smart deals, and it become a multi-mine company, or somebody else… swoops it up. It’s not personal, but I don’t think it’s going to be around in 18 months.

H/T David Desjardins. See his earlier write up on NSU here.

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