Value Investing Masterclass: Greenblatt & Pzena – Excess Financial Leverage And Value Investing are Not Good Bedfellows

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In their recent Value Investing Masterclass, Rich Pzena and Joel Greenblatt discuss all things value investing including their days spent worked together on a Ben Graham paper in college. During the interview Rich Pzena also discusses his thoughts on why value investing and excess financial leverage are not good bedfellows. … Read More

Pzena Investment Management: Webinar EM Value: How Trade Wars Create Opportunities in Emerging Markets

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Here’s a great little webinar from value investing firm – Pzena Investment Management which discusses how trade wars create opportunities in emerging markets saying: “This is a particularly interesting time to invest in emerging markets. Global trade wars have created opportunities where companies with strong competitive positions are caught in … Read More

FT: Has The Value Investing Fightback Begun?

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Here’s a great article from The Financial Times titled – Has the value investing fightback begun?, which discusses whether value investing is making a fightback as US value stocks have gained almost 10 per cent since the beginning of September. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Like an ageing, unfancied … Read More

Schroders: Has Value Investing Been Disrupted?

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Here’s an article from Schroders which discusses the impact of technology on traditional value investing: Disruption is a major theme in stock markets today with companies such as Amazon and Uber challenging the traditional approach to their respective industries. Such companies are an example of so-called “growth” stocks, with investors … Read More

Latest Research: Will Value Investing Ever Rebound?

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Here’s a great new research paper titled – Explaining the Demise of Value Investing. The paper discusses the two major reasons for the demise of value investing and speculates on the likelihood of a resurgence. Here’s an abstract: The business press claims that the long-standing and highly popular value investing strategy—investing in … Read More

Walter Schloss: It’s An Irrational World, So You Can’t Always Do Things Logically

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Here’s an excerpt from a 1989 article featuring Walter Schloss titled – Searching for Value. In the article Schloss provides some great insights into the difficulty of investing logically in an irrational world: A value-minded investor. Schloss views his business as rational—finding securities that are objectively undervalued compared to their … Read More

Why Has Value Investing Underperformed?

Johnny HopkinsPodcastsLeave a Comment During his recent interview with Tobias, Jake Taylor of Farnam Street provides some great insights into why he thinks value investing has had such a rough time lately, saying: Jake – I think it’s a confluence of factors. I don’t know honestly. If I had to assign how much … Read More