Sequoia: Why Long-Term Value Investors Fail

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In this recent interview with Value Investor Insight, Sequoia’s Arman Gokgol-Kline, Trevor Magyar, and Chase Sheridan discuss why long-term value investors fail. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Q: Is there a risk that the type of high-quality value investing you’ve long espoused becomes too popular and it’s harder to … Read More

Sequoia: Bet Big When You Think You’re Right!

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In his latest interview on the Invest Like The Best Podcast, John Harris, Managing Partner of Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb, and the flagship Sequoia Fund discussed how his lack of conviction cost him significant returns. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Well, one thing 50 years gives you the opportunity … Read More

Sequoia Fund: Top 10 Holdings (Q2 2020)

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One of the best resources for investors are the publicly available 13F-HR documents that each fund is required to submit to the SEC. These documents allow investors to track their favorite superinvestors, their fund’s current holdings, plus their new buys and sold out positions. We spend a lot of time … Read More