Daniel Kahneman: Can Investors Develop Expertise In Picking Stocks?

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Here’s a great excerpt from Daniel Kahneman’s Keynote Address at the Amundi World Investment Forum – AmundiWIF19. Kahneman provides his thoughts on whether investors can develop expertise in picking stocks saying: Confidence & Expertise Can you develop expertise in picking stocks? This is very doubtful. In fact, it is probably not the case, because it is such a highly irregular environment. … Read More

Daniel Kahneman: The Trouble With Confidence

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Here’s a great little video by Daniel Kahneman on the trouble with confidence. Kahneman makes the point that from a societal perspective confidence is generally very good, but from an individual’s point of view confidence is typically not always good. Here’s an excerpt from the video: Society rewards overconfidence. We want our leaders to be overconfident. If they told us … Read More

Howard Marks: The Pendulum of Investor Psychology

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We’ve just been reading Howard Marks’ new book – Mastering The Market Cycle. In it there’s a great chapter titled – The Pendulum of Investor Psychology which discusses the impact of investor psychology on markets. Marks writes: One of the most time-honored market adages says that “markets fluctuate between greed and fear.” There’s a fundamental reason for this: it’s because … Read More

Daniel Kahneman: Investors Should Consider A “Regret Proof” Policy To Overcome Loss-Aversion

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Here’s a great article from Morningstar in which Daniel Kahneman provides financial advisors with advice on how to better steer clients towards their investment goals using a “regret proof” policy. The policy could also be adapted by individual investors in managing their own portfolios. Here’s an excerpt from that article: Finding out how people tick is a vital part of the … Read More

Dan Ariely: 3 Simple Tricks To Help Investors Overcome Their Internal Biases

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We just listened to a great podcast with Dan Ariely being interviewed by Shane Parrish at The Knowledge Project. During the interview Ariely provides investors with three tricks that can help overcome internal biases and change subconscious defaults to more of a conscious state of mind which in turn lead to better financial decisions. Here is an excerpt from that … Read More

Robert Cialdini – Just How Do Uncertain Investors Pick Their Stocks

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The simple truth is that a lot of investors don’t have the time or won’t make the time to research the companies in which they’re going to invest. So how do uncertain investors pick their stocks? One answer can be found in the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini. Here’s an excerpt from the book: We first need to … Read More