Francis Chou: Key Strategies for Successful Value Investing

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During this presentation at the Ivey Business School Value Investing Program 2024, Francis Chou emphasizes the principles of value investing, highlighting that success in both bonds and equities stems from selecting companies based on their intrinsic worth rather than their market price. He explains that even underperforming companies, which he … Read More

Francis Chou: Ignore The Narratives

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In his latest 2021 Annual Report, Francis Chou warns investors to ignore the narratives. Here’s an excerpt from the letter: When the stock is that cheap, assuming that you don’t own any shares, a rational investor should back up the truck and buy every share that is offered in the … Read More

Francis Chou: Value Investors Must Remain Confident When Your Strategy Does Not Appear To Be Working

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One of the value investors we like to follow closely here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is Francis Chou, founder of Chou Associates Fund. Chou recently released his 2018 semi-annual report in which he urged value investors to stick with their value investing principles in the current market environment saying: “The … Read More