Seth Klarman: “A Margin Of Safety Is Necessary As Investors Are Human And Do Make Mistakes”

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Seth Klarman wrote an investing classic called – Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor. There’s one passage in particular in which Klarman encapsulates his entire value investing strategy saying, “A margin of safety is necessary because valuation is an imprecise art, the future is unpredictable, … Read More

Seth Klarman – Value Opportunities Still Exist In Firms Being Attacked By The Likes Of Amazon

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Good news for value investors as the WSJ reports that Seth Klarman at Baupost is still finding value opportunities in firms being attacked by the likes of Amazon, saying: “Increasing technological disruption is already pushing some securities well below our assessment of underlying value,” writes Mr. Klarman, “as legitimate concerns … Read More

Great Investors Focus On Absolute-Performance Rather Than Relative-Performance – Seth Klarman

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Earlier this month The Washington Post published an article titled – Warren Buffett’s $100 Billion Problem. The article was reporting on the $100 Billion that Berkshire has accumulated in cash over the years, stating: Warren Buffett celebrated his 87th birthday a few days ago, but the bigger number in his life … Read More

Great Investors Create Their Own Version Of Omaha – Buffett, Munger, Klarman, Pabrai

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One of the biggest problems facing investors is the amount of ‘noise’ that we get from the financial media and commentators. Financial news sections, the internet, and podcasts are continually bombarding us with the latest ‘hot stock’ or miracle investing strategy. Meanwhile investors get caught up in the noise checking … Read More

25 Timeless Investing Lessons From Seth Klarman

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One of our favorite investors here at The Acquirer’s Multiple is of course Seth Klarman. Klarman is one of the smartest investors on the planet and he’s always been very open in sharing his insights with other investors. While Klarman has provided dozens of investing lessons over the years via … Read More

Seth Klarman – 13 Tips On How To Find Bargains

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One of the best resources for investors are the Santangel Investor Forum and The Santangel Roundtable. These invitation-only events offer unique investment ideas from some of the world’s top investors. Events were created by The Santangel Review which also provides some great commentary on leading investors. My favorite commentary is … Read More

Seth Klarman – Beware of Value Pretenders

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With so many articles dedicated to the debate on value stocks vs growth stocks I think it’s a good time to revisit what Seth Klarman calls ‘Value Pretenders’ in his best-selling book, Margin of Safety. Here’s an excerpt from that book: “Value investing” is one of the most overused and … Read More