John Rogers: When To Sell Stocks

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In his recent interview with The World According To Boyar, Jim Rogers discusses his sell strategy. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Rogers: There’s two reasons we sort of touched on a little bit. One is the question, stocks get to be expensive. And typically when they’re getting expensive, they’re also sort of moving into the mid value, large value space. So we’re gonna be selling cause of valuation.

We’re gonna be selling because it no longer fits within our small and mid-cap position. That’s a good story. You know, you’re going well and you’ve gotta lighten up because of, and again, valuation or size when you make a mistake.

And of course it inevitably happens in this business is when you have earnings disappointments, the stocks get hit, they seem too cheap to sell. And then as you’re thinking about it and studying it again, it gets cheaper and cheaper and you think it’s cheaper. You know, it’s more and more of a bargain and it is hard to get away from a bad hand.

You know, it’s a difficult part of our business. We talk to a lot of behavioral finance experts and others, people from the poker world who tell you how hard that is. And that’s an important discipline to constantly push yourself, to be able to sell things that have not done well and not try to, you know, talk yourself into holding those losers or buying more of those losers.

So if we lose confidence in the plan to win to management, if we think that the moat isn’t as strong as we originally thought, if we think that they’re making capital allocation decisions that are not intelligent, all those would be reasons for us to scale out of a position completely and realize that you can be wrong in there too.

And the stock will come roaring back, but we do believe that we have to have that discipline to get away from those bad, that are the hardest things to sell.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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