Guy Spier: Take Calculated Risks

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During this interview with IWT, Guy Spier discusses taking calculated risks. Spier says it’s better to carefully walk down a path, even if you don’t know where it leads, than to jump off a cliff without a plan. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Spier: Managing my own psychology and um, I think that this feeling of jumping off a cliff without really knowing where it’ll end is never a good thing, I think.

So, you don’t jump off cliffs. We carefully walk down, picking a path, finding a way to go. And if somebody’s saying, “Oh, you’re a scaredy cat, and you don’t have big balls, and you’re not swinging for the fences when you ought to swing for the fences.”

That’s kind of a voice that one should probably ignore. I think.

You know, just focus on image you’re walking down a cliff. You don’t want to jump and hope it’s okay on the other side.

Either you don’t walk down the cliff, you certainly don’t jump. Or you find… you wait until you find a path and you find a path that’s safe and then you take that path. And most of the time, we’re not going to find anything to do.

You can find the entire discussion here:

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