Jim Rogers: Two Things You Can Do To Survive The Looming Bear Market

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During his recent interview with Real Vision, Jim Rogers discussed the two things you can do to survive the looming bear market. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Rogers: I hope everybody is very worried, I hope everybody’s scared, I hope everybody’s watching the Deep Dive to figure out what to do about all this.

Historically bear markets when they come nearly all assets go down a lot. So if you don’t know how to sell short, everybody should learn how to sell short, and/or should learn how to put their money in cash.

But Maggie, when I say cash, what cash? U.S dollars, you know Euro, what cash because you could be ruined if you have your money in the wrong cash.

So you have to learn about cash and/or selling short in order to survive what’s come with the bear market.

But again this is basic freshman economics, freshmen stock market economic, that’s how you survive.

Host: Yeah, but you have a generation of people that have been kind of programmed to buy the dip, put their money in equities, you know, it’s not an environment that many investors have lived through.

Rogers: Well it’s a sign that I can… one of the signs that happens at the end of bull markets, you have all these new investors that suddenly hear about this wonderful new thing called the stock market.

And it’s fun, and you can make money, and it’s easy, oh it’s easy. So they all come pouring in, and it’s happening now, as you probably noticed, and it’s another sign that we’re getting closer to the bear market.

You can watch the entire discussion here:

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