10 Book Recommendations By Michael Burry

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Michael Burry is a very successful investor, hedge fund manager, and Founder and CEO of Scion Asset Management.

He has recommended a number of books that have influenced his thinking and approach to investing. While this list is by no means complete, here are nine book recommendations from Michael Burry. These book recommendations can be found in various interviews, speeches, and writings by Burry:

  1. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham: This is the classic book on value investing.
  2. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip Fisher: This book is another classic on value investing, and it focuses on finding companies with strong underlying businesses.
  3. All the Devils Are Here by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera: This book tells the story of the financial crisis of 2008.
  4. Why Stocks Go Up and Down by William H. Pike: This book provides an overview of the factors that drive stock prices, which can be helpful for understanding the market and making investment decisions.
  5. Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond: This book examines the factors that have contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.
  6. Buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark: A one-of-a-kind investment guide that explains the winning strategies of the master Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time.
  7. Against the Gods by Peter L. Bernstein: This book tells the story of risk and how it has shaped human history.
  8. Value Investing Made Easy by Janet Lowe: This book is a more beginner-friendly introduction to value investing.
  9. When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein: This book tells the story of Long-Term Capital Management, a hedge fund that collapsed in 1998.

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