This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Podcasts, Interviews (4/7/2023)

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This week’s best investing news:

Bill Ackman – Pershing Square Annual Letter 2022 (PS)

Tom Gayner – Wealth, Wisdom, & Happiness (TIP)

Ray Dalio warns everyone is losing money as the market faces a ‘terrible imbalance’ (Yahoo)

Cliff Asness – How To Beat The Market With Boring Stocks (Forbes)

Jim Chanos – The banking crisis only affected ‘dumb and greedy institutions (Fortune)

Titans Of Industry with Nelson Peltz and Steve Wynn (FII Priority)

Jamie Dimon – Letter To Shareholders (JP Morgan)

Jim Rogers: How to beat ‘worst crash in my lifetime’ and the best investing wisdom you need (David Lin)

Aswath Damodaran – An Exclusive Conversation On Banking Collapse & More (Business Today)

Mario Gabelli – Backlog in demand for housing and cars can benefit investors (CNBC)

Leon Cooperman on the government response to the banking crisis (CNBC)

Ian Cassel – A Micro Perspective (BB)

AQR: Emerging Market Stocks Have Best Return Profile in 20 Years (Institutional Investor)

The Seven Virtues of Great Investors (Jason Zweig)

Jeremy Siegel – OPEC production cut won’t be a major issue for markets (CNBC)

Rob Arnott – Reimagining Index Funds (Research Affiliates)

Beat The Market With Boring Stocks (Validea)

Our Takeaways from the Banking Crisis (Bridgewater)

Who Says You Can’t Time The Market? Part Deux (Felder)

Tesla Keeps Growing, but at What Cost? (WSJ)

Stocks for the Long Run (Safal)

Tim Cook on Shaping the Future of Apple (GQ)

Paid With Pain (Humble Dollar)

JPM – Guide to markets Q1 2023 (JPM)

Dedollarization is Not a Thing (Ep Theory)

Twitter is dying (TechCrunch)

The models are wrong (Rudy Havenstein)

Transcript: Ken Kencel (Big Picture)

A 95% Chance of Double-Digit Gains in 2023 (Empire)

GMO Commentary- AAA CMBS: Loss-Remote, Liquid and Cheaper Than IG (GMO)

The Boyar Value Group’s 1st Quarter Letter 2023 (Boyar)

This week’s best value Investing news:

Viva La Revolución! (Verdad)

Wes Discusses Value Investing Foundations with Isaiah Douglass (AlphaArchitect)

Value Investing Is Back (Kiplinger)

Value Stocks Rally After Brutal Stretch (Validea)

This week’s Fear & Greed Index:

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Enduring Investing and Life Lessons with Guy Spier (Excess Returns)

David Senra – Passion & Pain (ILTB)

TIP541: How Equity Crowdfunding is Changing the Game w/ Daniel Gallancy (TIP)

412- The Power of Compounders (InvestED)

Episode #474: Wes Gray & Jack Vogel, Alpha Architect (Meb Faber)

EP 94: A History of Investment Vehicles From 1774-2023 with Jamie Catherwood (Peter Lazaroff)

Mathew Passy – THE Podcast Consultant (Business Brew)

#163 Jason Karp: Live A Healthier Life (Knowledge Project)

Erik Hoel on the Threat to Humanity from AI (EconTalk)

Is there money in… YouTube? (Equity Mates)

This week’s Buffett Indicator:

Fairly Valued.

This week’s best investing research:

Don’t Be Irresponsible (AllStarCharts)

Why Is VC Dry Powder Still Piling Up? (AllAboutAlpha)

Factor Performance: Will the Comeback Persist? (CFA)

The Curse of Dimensionality: KISS, Investing, and Trading (PAL)

This week’s best investing tweet:

This week’s best investing graphic:

Ranked: The U.S. Banks With the Most Uninsured Deposits (Visual Capitalist)

The U.S. Banks With the Most Uninsured Deposits

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