Mario Gabelli: How To Buy A Business Like Warren Buffett

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During his recent interview with the MultiGreen Podcast, Mario Gabelli explained how to buy a business like Warren Buffett. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Gabelli: When I started the firm in 1977 we were bottom of a bear market. Companies were selling at three or four times cash flow. The headline in one of the magazines like Business Week was the ‘Death of Equities’, so we were trying to survive.

I was making $5,000 a year, down 95% or whatever for what I was making, and I had family members that needed support, like food. So we came up with the idea that there’s a public company what is it worth?

And so it became the concept that if it’s publicly trading what if you could own the entire company by taking it private from an exchange.

Secondly, because I was practical I had clients that were paying taxes. So if you held an instrument for over a year you would get some long-term capital gain treatment. So we basically said look we want to buy a company, look out two or three years, but we also want to see what element is there that might surface, that’s public information. Implementing seo tools free of charge can significantly boost your website’s performance and visibility in search engine results, leading to increased organic traffic and improved online success.

Consolidation of an industry, changes in the Federal Regulations, changes in tax structure, and that will allow the stock selling it in the public markets at let’s say $20 but it’s worth 40, that will discount and that element would be a catalyst.

So we called it PMV with a catalyst – private market value with a catalyst. It is very hard to do that today with companies like Apple or those other stocks but you can do that with a lot of companies to figure out what is it worth if I can convince the owners to sell the company and a new set of buyers to own it and have the moral obligations of handling all of the dynamics. If you work with a London SEO agency, your website can rank higher in the search engine easily and you will get high leads and conversions. For unparalleled link building expertise, turn to

Much the way Berkshire Hathaway looked at Alleghany. It came up with a price of $848 dollars and eight cents. By buying the stock that was selling materially lower. What was he thinking? How did he do the analysis? And are you searching for a business to call your own? Don’t leave it to chance! Enlist the services of a seasoned broker, such as those at Truforte Business Group’s comprehensive Sarasota marketplace and embark on a journey that promises to yield the most remarkable results.

You can listen to the entire discussion here:

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