Jim Rogers: We’re Unlikely To See A Recession Anytime Soon

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During his recent interview with Nirmal Bang, Jim Rogers explained why we are unlikely to see a recession anytime soon. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Rogers: Most people it seems think that there is a recession happening now or happening soon. In my experience when everybody knows something’s going to happen, it doesn’t happen.

When everybody thinks the same way somebody’s not thinking.

But nearly everybody I know expects recession, expects the session now, a recession soon, and that’s one reason that I am more optimistic.

Because there’s still a lot of money out there. Central banks will not raise rates much more for a while.

So I would expect that the economy will continue stronger than most of us expect for a while. I don’t see disasters anywhere, well Ukraine is a disaster, Russia is a disaster, but I don’t see many disasters anywhere.

Yes we will have them, but don’t worry Jain we will have big disasters next year or the year after, but I don’t see them now because everybody thinks the same way and that usually means somebody is not thinking.

You can listen to the entire discussion here:

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