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As part of our ongoing series here at The Acquirer’s Multiple, we provide this feature article titled ‘Stock in Focus‘ where we focus on one of the stocks from our Stock Screeners.

One of the cheapest stocks in our Stock Screeners is:

The Home Depot Inc (HD)

Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, operating more than 2,300 warehouse-format stores offering more than 30,000 products in store and 1 million products online in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its stores offer numerous building materials, home improvement products, lawn and garden products, and decor products and provide various services, including home improvement installation services and tool and equipment rentals. The acquisition of distributor Interline Brands in 2015 allowed Home Depot to enter the maintenance, repair, and operations business, which has been expanded through the tie-up with HD Supply (2020). Moreover, the addition of the Company Store brought textile exposure to Home Depot’s lineup.

A quick look at the share price history (below) over the past twelve months shows that the price is down 22%. Here’s why the company is undervalued.

HD Chart

HD data by YCharts


Market Cap: $330 Billion

Enterprise Value: $377 Billion

Operating Earnings

Operating Earnings: $24 Billion

Acquirer’s Multiple

Acquirer’s Multiple: 15.70

Free Cash Flow (TTM)

Free Cash Flow: $10.16 Billion

FCF/EV Yield %:

FCF/EV Yield: 3.07

Shareholder Yield %:

Shareholder Yield: 5.10

Other Indicators

F-Score: 4.00

Altman Z-Score: 7.002

ROA (5 Year Avge%): 31

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