Jim Rogers: Investors Should Be Skeptical & Question Everything

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In his recent interview with The Julia La Roche Show, Jim Rogers urged investors to be skeptical and question evereything. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Rogers: I guess part answer to your question is that having grown up in the backwoods of Alabama where nobody had any money I remember when I went to Wall Street I would hear people say the strangest things.

It was almost like money could just grow on trees. Like money was easy to get. Well now back where I grew up money wasn’t easy to get, nobody had any money, we knew it was difficult, you had to work hard to get it.

So when I would hear these strange things I knew something was wrong which I guess made me question more and more everything.

And I learned early to question everything and everybody. When I first went to Wall Street I assumed all these people knew what they were doing, they were older, they were educated, they were experienced, it didn’t take me long to see that they didn’t know any more than I did.

They would say things that just made no sense. So I learned the hard way that you have to do your own research, you have to question everything, and you have to be skeptical about everything, and fortunately it paid off.

I’m trying to teach my daughters, my children to question everything, to be skeptical, and not to accept what… especially when everybody says something, that if everybody says to you the sky is blue, I urge them to go look out the window to see if the sky is blue.

You can watch the entire discussion here:

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