This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Podcasts, Interviews (9/30/2022)

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This week’s best investing news:

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman has the cure to tame high inflation (Yahoo)

Yen: Now and Then Again (Verdad)

DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Gundlach Visits Twitter Spaces for a Q&A (DoubleLine)

Ducking Market Crashes The Buffett-Shiller Way (Validea)

In Conversation with Ray Dalio (LSE)

The Roundup: Top Takeaways From Oaktree’s Quarterly Letters – 3Q2022 (OakTree)

Are The Bond Vigilantes Back? Part Deux (Felder)

Carl Icahn to investors: ‘The worst is yet to come’ (Morningstar)

Business Talk – Monocle – Jim Rogers discusses the future of the global ecomomy (BusinessTech)

Stock Raving Mad (Humble Dollar)

Why Do You Think They Call It “Fall”? (Jason Zweig)

Jim Chanos on Coinbase: It’s not a good business model (CNBC)

Bill Gurley – ‘If you’re going to build something from scratch, this might be as good a time as in a decade’ (McKinsey)

Aswath Damodaran – Sow the wind, Reap the whirlwind: An Inflation Update (AD)

Has 2022 made investors shy away from stocks? (Klement)

Elliott Is the Last True Big Activist. What Investors Should Know (Barron’s)

Value investing is back | Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates | FTSE Russell Convenes (LSEG)

Great Opportunites For Long-Term Patient Investors Who Can Withstand The Short-Term Volatility (Boyar)

It Was 30 Years Ago Today, George Soros Taught the Bank to Play (Washington Post)

Brookfield Asset Management: 2022 Investor Day Presentation (Brookfield)

‘It’s Dangerous’—JPMorgan CEO Issued A Serious Bitcoin, Ethereum And Crypto Warning After Huge $2 Trillion Price Crash (Forbes)

David Einhorn Center for Community Engagement Dedication Remarks (ECCE)

John Paulson on Frothy US Housing Market: This Time Is Different (Bloomberg)

Tom Russo – Warren Buffett’s Enduring Influence Explained (WealthTrack)

When Bad Things Happen to Good Stocks (WSJ)

International equities have almost never been this attractive, says Harris Associates’ David Herro (CNBC)

Pounded (FT)

What Is In Your Control? (Barry Ritholz)

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing (Elm)

Have Stocks Become Cheap? (Morningstar)

Were Those Great Returns the Result of Skill — or Just Luck? (Institutional Investor)

A narcissist manages money (Klement)

Calling it poor monetary policy is an understatement, Says Prof. Jeremy Siegel on Fed hikes (CNBC)

This week’s best value Investing news:

The Golden Era of Value Investing is Back (Yahoo)

Investors favor dividend payers and value stocks as market hits new bear low, CNBC survey shows (CNBC)

An Experienced Approach to Value Investing With WisdomTree (ETF Trends)

Wealth Can Be Created On The Way Down In The Stock Market. It’s Just Not Obvious. Here’s How (Forbes)

Value investing can offer portfolio diversification (Fin Express)

This week’s Fear & Greed Index:

This week’s best investing podcasts:

Stanley Druckenmiller, the #1 investor in the world – See the future differently (How Leaders Lead)

Julio Vasconcellos & Mate Pencz – Investing in Latin America (Invest Like The Best)

TIP479: How to Invest w/ David Rubenstein (TIP)

Kyle Mowery – Uncovering Hidden Growth Engines (Business Brew)

Transcript: Steve Case (Barry Ritholz)

General Electric: Lessons from the Rise and Fall (Business Breakdowns)

The Value Perspective with Bethany McLean (Value Perspective)

Matt Brown – Tidal Wave of Capital for Alternatives from Retail (Capital Allocators)

#324 – Daniel Negreanu: Poker (Lex Fridman)

Episode #446: BlackRock’s Rick Rieder on the State of the Markets (Meb Faber)

Ep. 244 – Why Now is the Time to Get Exposure to Indian Equities with Gautam Baid (Planet MicroCap)

Show Us Your Portfolio: Brent Kochuba (Excess Returns)

This week’s Buffett Indicator:

Fairly Valued.

This week’s best investing research:

Gender Pay Gap Transparency (AlphaArchitect)

Bonds Begin to Buckle (AllStarCharts)

Common Hedging Discussions Part 1 (AllAboutAlpha)

Fixed income “volatility vortex” – Can this macro-prudential risk continue? (DSGMV)

Trend-Following Losses On A Day Of Market Turmoil (PAL)

This week’s best investing tweet:

This week’s best investing graphic:

Top 20 Countries With the Most Ultra-Wealthy Individuals (Visual Capitalist)

Bar chart showing the top 20 countries with the most ultra-wealthy

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