Jim Rogers: The One Place You Want To Be Investing In Periods Of High Inflation

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In his recent interview with Bloomberg Live, Jim Rogers says there’s only one place where you want to be invested in periods of high inflation. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Rogers: Michelle as I look around the world bonds are a bubble, bonds have never been this expensive in history. Property in many places, New Zealand, Korea, many places, property is a bubble because of low interest rates.

Well interest rates are going to go higher so property is not a great place. Many stocks were a bubble. Samsung went up every day. Tencent went up you know.

Many stocks will form… they go bubble. It’s calmed down now. But the only asset that I know that is still cheap is commodities. Silver is down seventy five percent from its all time high.

These things are very very cheap and those are not bubble numbers. So why…. and if we’re going to have inflation, which we are, if you own the things that go up in price when there’s inflation you make money, and by definition commodities go up when there’s inflation.

You can watch the entire discussion here:

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