Jeffrey Gundlach: Growth vs Value Has Had An ‘Outrageous’ Reversal

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During his recent webcast, Jeffrey Gundach discussed the ‘outrageous’ reversal of growth vs value. Here’s an excerpt from the webcast:

Gundlach: A lot of cycles seem to have turned. I talked about this two years ago. It’s been a theme for DoubleLine ever since the pandemic came and that is what it looks like, all of these long-term trends about performance of growth versus value, of cyclical versus defensive, of U.S versus the world, and take a look at a few of these.

In these charts, this is growth versus value, and it’s had an outrageous reversal from 1.8 on the scale on the right hand axis, and it’s dropped by about twenty percent or so, so value has been outperforming.

This has been a big move so it’s not surprising that it might take a a pause but this looks like one of these cycles that has been broken.

You can watch the entire discussion here:


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