Finding Nuggets In The Most Underperforming Places

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If you’ve been watching the stock market closely over the past 12 months you’ll know that the worst performing sector is Communication Services, which is down 28.86%. However, as is always the case, looking in the most underperforming places can uncover some great companies. This week we’ve uncovered 5 companies that have significantly outperformed in the Communication Services sector over the past 12 months.

Harte-Hanks Inc (HHS) – Up 65%

Harte-Hanks Inc is a marketing services company that provides multichannel marketing solutions as well as consulting, data analytics, and strategic assessment. The company’s offerings focus on business-to-business, retail, finance, and automotive segments through digital, social, mobile, and print media offerings. Harte-Hanks strives to develop better customer relationships through its marketing and analytical services for clients. The majority of its revenue is derived from its marketing services in the retail, technology, and consumer brand segments. Enhance your marketing strategy by navigating the Digital Edge website.

Gogo Inc (GOGO) – Up 51%

Gogo Inc is a US-based in-flight connectivity system and service provider. The company through its subsidiaries offers aero communications, in-flight broadband, and wireless in-cabin digital entertainment solutions for the aviation industry. Its business segments include; Commercial Aviation North America, Commercial Aviation Rest of World, and Business Aviation. The company offers connectivity and entertainment services to commercial airlines flying routes within North America, satellite-based connectivity and entertainment services to foreign-based commercial airlines and North American-based commercial airlines flying outside North America, and a variety of in-flight Internet connectivity and other voice and data communications products and services.

Stagwell Inc (STGW) – Up 42%

Stagwell Inc is the challenger holding company built to transform marketing. It delivers scaled creative performance for the world’s most ambitious brands, connecting culture-moving creativity with leading-edge technology to harmonize the art and science of marketing. Learn all about hotel marketing with this hotel seo guide.

Liberty Formula One Group (FWONA) – Up 33%

Formula One Group controls the exclusive commercial and promotional rights to the FIA Formula One World Championship series, and the monetization of those rights is the primary business of the group. The firm is responsible for development and promotion of the Formula One race series in concert with its three partners: the FIA (the regulatory body), the teams that participate in the series, and the series’ commercial partners, which include the race promoters, broadcasters, sponsors, and advertisers. Formula One Group is a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation, which purchased the firm in January 2017. Formula One stock is a tracking stock for the assets under Formula One Group with Liberty Media.

Vonage Holdings Corp (VG) – Up 25%

Vonage Holdings Corp is a North American technology company that provides cloud communication services to businesses and consumers. For businesses, the company provides unified communications (as a service), which consists of integrated voice, text, video, data, and mobile applications over Voice over Internet Protocol network. Its reportable operating segments include Vonage Communications Platform and Consumer. For consumer service customers, there is a home telephone replacement service. This can include services such as voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding. This service is delivered over the Internet. The company generates most of its revenue within the United States.

Here’s what their 12 month performance looks like in one chart:

HHS Chart

HHS data by YCharts

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